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What I Do

Why I Do It

My name is Kaitlyn and I am here for all things love. As a brand, my goal is to create photos that capture the intimacy and beauty between moments, photos that will last a lifetime and then some. The one thing you get to keep from your wedding day is all of the photos I get the honor of capturing, which is so special to me.

I basically get paid to watch people make out ;) & I am all about having lighthearted fun and making sure you're being true to your vibe as a couple. I want all of the laughter, silliness, imperfection, movement, and real moments. So, if you’re looking for someone who will find beauty in every messy moment and guide you through an authentic photo experience, then we’re soulmates already. 

 Finding clients who not only trust me to capture the big moments but are also captivated by everything in between is why I do what I do. On your wedding day, you can count on me to deliver things in the final gallery that you would have never even noticed were happening, and that is why it is so important to invest in a photographer who is documenting everything. I do what I do to hopefully inspire other people to slow down and enjoy that the little things are just as beautiful as the big ones.











If you're ready to run off my inspirations and have a perfectly imperfect time together, then let's start dreaming up everything we will create together. From eloping in your backyard to downing shots at a local bar and everything in between, I AM IN. We will curate the photoshoot vibe of your dreams and have the most fun bringing it all to life. Ready to become besties and elevate your traditional getting photos done to a straight up good time celebrating two people madly in love? 

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